Joint Center Partners with C&NN to Address Racial Inequities in Access to Green Space


The Joint Center today announced the formation of a strategic partnership with the Joint Center’s Place Matters Initiative and The Children & Nature Network (C&NN), to improve the health outcomes for all communities by using the knowledge and expertise of each organization’s network of community leaders to promote access to green space.

The goals of this new partnership will be threefold:

  1. Foster peer-to-peer learning between the Joint Center and C&NN’s networks, with each network teaching the other their respective strengths:  C&NN networks will share how to best connect communities with nature, and Place Matters teams will share ways to understand the underlying conditions that shape health and promote equity.
  2. Develop and institute a Place Matters Natural Leaders Fellowship, dedicated to building the capacity of diverse young leaders to both share the outdoor world with their community while learning about the conditions and forces that shape them.
  3. Convene local and national leaders to examine the intersections of nature, equity, and social justice and health, to develop a shared policy agenda that supports nature and health for all.

Morgan McLeod is the Program Assistant and New Media Strategist at the Joint Center


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