Media and Technology Stats and Studies – January 6, 2014

A new report on social media use from the Pew Research Center finds that over three-quarters of African American adults who use the Internet are on Facebook. African Americans are also significantly more likely than their white and Hispanic counterparts to use Twitter and Instagram. In total, some 73 percent of all online adults use some social networking site and 42 percent of online adults use multiple social sites.

Roberts Broadcasting Company sold its three television stations to ION Media, dropping the number of Black owned-and-operated full-power TV stations to zero, according to Free Press. This does not include the stations recently purchased by conservative African American media commentator Armstrong Williams, which Free Press states will continue to be legally owned and operated by the stations’ original owner, Sinclair Broadcast Group.

Business review website Yelp is creating its own political action committee. Former Darrell Issa (R-CA) staffer Laurent Crenshaw joined Yelp in November as its first in-house lobbyist, with a focus on patent and copyright reform, as well as anti-defamation lawsuit legislation.

A new survey from, a project of CTIA – The Wireless Association, shows that 92 percent of adult Asian American wireless phone users consider wireless to be “an essential service in [their] everyday life” while half said their mobile phone is more important than broadband, cable television and landline phone service. Texting, email and Internet access are the most popular wireless features; job search and civic engagement are the least popular. Despite losing ground compared to a 2012 survey on the same subject, laptop computers continue to be the most popular hardware for reading email and going online in general among Asian Americans.

Fox News Channel continues its reign as top cable news channel, according to Nielsen data reported by TV Newser. While the network is down five percent in total daytime viewers and 14 percent in total nighttime viewers from 2012, its 1.76 million strong day audience and 1.1 million viewer night audience topped major competitors MSNBC (394,000 day viewers and 640,000 primetime viewers) and CNN (413,000 daytime viewers and 568,000 primetime viewers).

In other cable news, more end-of-the-year Nielsen data shows viewers watched 17.2 hours of cable television per week in 2013, a new record. Meanwhile, the Big Four broadcast networks netted an average of 7.5 viewer hours per week, a record low.

Internet advertising revenue for Q3 2013 hit $10.69 billion, up 15 percent from a record-breaking Q3 2012, according to the Interactive Advertising Bureau and PwC US.

Ads in iPad editions of magazines grew 16 percent in 2013, according to a report from the Association of Magazine Media and Kantar Media. However, the number of ad pages in these publications’ print editions remained flat from 2012.


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