Nickelodeon: Kids Watch 35 Hours of TV/Week – MTI Stats and Studies, 12/2/2013

Nickelodeon released a report showing children born after 2005 watch an average of 35 hours of TV per week, a 12% increase over the last nine years.  The report also found the same kids spent an estimated 10 hours per week using other devices, including gaming consoles. Last month, the American Academy of Pediatrics issued revised standards limiting TV consumption to one to two hours per day for children over the age of 2.

In a blog post last week, Comcast NBC Universal reported it is on pace to complete the deployment of its iPv6 network by 2014. The company reports iPv6 is deployed to more than 75% of its broadband network.

SNL Kagan predicts retransmission fees TV station owners earn from MVPDs will increase from $3.3 billion this year to $7.6 billion in 2019.

The Foundation Center released a report showing a steep increase in the amount of funding for media-related projects. Between 2009 and 2011, 1,012 foundations made 12,040 media-related grants totaling $1.86 billion. The report also shows media-related grantmaking grew at a rate of 21% during the same time period, compared to just 5.8% of domestic grantmaking overall.



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