Media and Technology Stats and Studies – October 14, 2013

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) released a study of mostly developed nations showing U.S. adults trail the rest of the world in their facility with the mathematical and technical skills necessary to thrive in the modern workforce. U.S. adults fare worse than those in 17 other nations in basic math skills, 12 other nations in literacy, and 10 other nations in their ability to work with technology on the job.

The Internet Association released a study illustrating the integral role of the Internet in empowering and spurring the growth of part-time businesses. According to the report, these businesses contributed $141 billion to U.S. GDP in 2011 while employing 6.6 million people. Among several other findings, more than half (54%) of part-time businesses surveyed reported that they would be unable to conduct business without the Internet.

The Jordan Edmiston Group (JEGI) reported that “media, information, marketing and related technology sectors merged and acquired to the tune of $67.5 billion – about 1,057 deals – during the first three quarters in 2013.” These deals included the $21.9 billion Publicis/Omnicom merger, acquisition of ExactTarget for $2.25 billion, Baidu’s acquisition of 91 Wireless Websoft in China for $1.8 billion, Google’s acquisition of Waze for $1.3 billion and Yahoo’s $1.1 billion Tumblr acquisition.

The market for personal computers continues to decline, according to new market research by IDC and Gartner. The market fell by nearly 8%, to 81.6 million units according to IDC and by nearly 9%, to 80.3 million units, according to Gartner, during the third quarter. However, IDC and Gartner anticipate a recovery on the horizon for the PC market in 2015, when they expect consumers to replace their aging PCs.

A new survey conducted by Frank N. Magid and Associates further confirms the rapid growth of mobile, showing that 74% of mobile users own a smartphone.

An Internet Innovation Alliance-commissioned study authored by Dr. Anna-Maria Kovacs concluded that “legacy switched traffic amounts to less than 1% of IP traffic today and is likely to decrease to a small fraction of 1% by 2017.” However, regulations have not kept pace with the growing diversity of IP platforms now available to consumers, according to the report.

The Pew Research Center released an analysis comparing the amount of news coverage of the 2016 presidential election in 2013, to that of three years prior to the 2008 and 2012 presidential elections. In 2013, there have already been 335 newspaper stories prognosticating about the 2016 election, compared to 261 such stories in 2005 and 132 stories in 2009.

CNBC had its lowest rated quarter in 20 years, with just 38,000 total day viewers in the coveted 25-54 demographic, according to Nielsen. Among all viewers, CNBC had the lowest number of total day viewers since Q2 2005, with just 133,000 viewers tuning in.

A New York Times study finds that more than a third (34%) of millennials watch mostly online video and no broadcast TV.

The percent of American adults uploading or posting video content online has doubled 14% in 2009 to 31% today, according to the Pew Internet and American Life Project.


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