Media and Technology Stats and Studies – May 28, 2013

The Pew Research Center released a report on teens’ use of social media. Among the report’s findings, African American teens continue to lead other racial and ethnic groups in their use of Twitter. Thirty-nine percent of African American teens use Twitter, compared to 23% of white teens. The report also found declining interest in Facebook among all teens, accompanied by an increasing interest in Twitter. However, teens continue to use Facebook out of a perceived necessity for keeping up with their peers.

In a study of nearly 35,000 16-year-olds, the UK-based National Literacy Trust found the majority of young people (52%) prefer reading on screens rather than in print (32%). The study also found young people who read exclusively on computers have lower literacy levels than those who read using both computers and printed materials. However, the report did not find a literacy gap between those who exclusively used tablets and those who read on both tablets and printed materials. Girls were also significantly more likely than boys to read using any medium, print or otherwise.

The FCC released a report on internet access connections over 200kbps. The report found the number of connections increased by 18% since 2012, to 243 million, with mobile subscriptions up 28% to 153 million. Speeds have also improved, with the number of “fixed connections with download speeds at or above 3 Mbps and upload speeds at or above 768 kbps having increased from 56% to 64% of total fixed connections. Among mobile wireless subscriptions, the share increased from 14% to 28%.”

A Starcom report on 4,800 viewers concluded viewers are more likely to recall advertisements streamed online, than they are to recall advertisements appearing on traditional TV.

Viacom study: Social media is becoming today’s TV guide for viewers.

valuation conducted by Wells Fargo puts Sinclair Broadcasting’s spectrum at the top of the nation’s most valuable. Wells Fargo found Sinclair’s spectrum to be worth $2.9 billion, or $35.74 per share.

The Cabletelevision Advertising Bureau found 92% of total day and primetime ratings among the 18-to-49 demographic went to cable networks, compared to 75% for broadcast TV.


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