Media and Technology Stats and Studies – February 25, 2013

Univision Beat NBC in the February Sweeps

For the first time in history, NBC slipped to 5th place among TV networks in the Nielsen sweeps among adults ages 18-49.  The network fell to Spanish-language TV network Univision.

CDD: Multicultural Consumers are in Marketers’ Digital Marketing “Bullseye”

The Center for Digital Democracy released a report discussing trends in digital marketing and concludes that while marketers are increasing their emphasis on targeting multicultural consumers, policymakers ought to be wary of how collecting data on consumers of color may actually be used to harm them.

Certain Television May Help Ease Aggression in Young Children

The journal Pediatrics released a study showing that some television fare may help ease aggression in young children. According to the study, children who spent more time watching educational programming that encourages empathy showed a moderate improvement in overall behavior, as compared to children who spent more time watching violent programming.  The report also noted low-income boys showed the most improvement in behavior, although the researchers were unable to determine why.

APIAHF, CPEHN, Consumers Union and NCLR Released a Report on the Role of Health IT in Reducing Health Disparities

The report examined advancements in Health IT and made policy recommendations for deploying health IT to reduce disparities.  Last year, the Joint Center released a similar set of policy recommendations focusing on the role of mobile broadband in managing chronic diseases.

Radio One’s Revenue was Up in 4Q12

Radio One’s revenue was up by $5.2 million in 4Q12 to $62.2 million.  The growth is attributable to increased political advertising across Radio One’s 55 stations nationwide.  However, even without political advertising, Radio One’s revenue was up by 2.9% year-over-year.

Other Reports:

A Javelin Strategy and Research study revealed that identity fraud is on the rise in the U.S., with 12.5 million victims in 2012 alone.

A Tenable Networked Security survey of 1,021 adults shows the majority of Americans support a comprehensive cybersecurity policy.

NTCA: 69% of rural carriers have canceled plans to upgrade their networks due to Intercarrier compensation/USF uncertainty.

Social media trends reveal that Netflix’s original program ‘House of Cards’ was popular among viewers but, according to estimates made by The Atlantic, Netflix would need to attract more than 520,000 subscribers paying $7.99 for two years  in order for the show to break even.  Cowen & Co. reported that as many as a quarter of Netflix subscribers end up cancelling their pay TV subscriptions, underscoring demand for Netflix to produce more original programming. The industry is responding to these trends as Nielsen announced it will adjust its methodology and count households without cable, but with Internet connected to TV, as “television households” for ratings purposes.

A Lazard Capital Markets analyst said the major broadcast and cable TV networks are gaining leverage over carriers. According to a “TV Network Loyalty Index”, 41-48 percent of people would cancel or switch to a different cable provider if top networks were dropped.

LivingSocial raised $110 million from a group of current investors.  The investment follows a $650 million net loss in 2012.

The New York Times has put the Boston Globe up for sale. Estimates value the Boston Globe at $150 million, even though the Times paid $1.1 billion for the newspaper in 1993.

The Integer Group reported baby Boomers have increased their online spending by 4.5% since 2011, while online spending by Millenials has declined by 7% during the same period.

U.S. shoppers spent $225 billion online last year, up 16% over 2011.

Nielsen/RAB: The number of Super Bowl viewers who recalled seeing ads was low.

More than 25 percent of TVs, or 66 million units, shipped last year were “smart TVs”, according to HIS. The research suggests as much as 50% of TVs sold may be smart TVs by 2015.

Apple has dropped to number three on the list of the most popular hedge fund stocks, behind Google and AIG.

Nielsen: Smartphone Owners are More Engaged Moviegoers

A Reuters poll found that Microsoft is more popular among 18-29 year-old consumers than it was two years ago, beating Facebook and Twitter.

France has launched a €20 billion broadband rollout.

IDC: Sales of iOS and Android Games Eclipsed Sales of Games on Dedicated Consoles in 4Q12.

HP’s profit was down 16% in 4Q12.

An Indiana University professor has patented a method for using Twitter data to predict future behavior. The method was 90 percent accurate in predicting short term stock market fluctuations.

Twitter released a report showing 60% of its users access Twitter via a mobile device.

Pinterest has completed a $250 million funding, putting its valuation at $2.5 billion.

An Inavero report concludes that advertisers are rapidly shifting their focus away from traditional media toward mobile and social media with print media being the most drastically affected.

A&E trailblazes in reaching affluent men who are not necessarily sports enthusiasts with ‘H2’.

The Wall Street Journal reported that more than one-third of its traffic comes via mobile devices.

University of Amsterdam: Braess’ Paradox Applies to Social Media as Well—Fewer Product Choices on Social Media Sites Leads to Better Outcomes for All


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