Climate Commissioners in Action

Dr. Mary Hayden, left, was recently in Uganda working on a project related to health care access in the West Nile region.

Dr. Mary Hayden, a postdoctoral fellow and visiting scientist at the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) Institute for the Study of Society and Environment, a Guest Researcher with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and a member of the Joint Center’s Commission to Engage African Americans on Climate Change, is set to travel to Ghana to take part in a public health survey.

Dr. Hayden and her team will “undertake a household level survey of 400 houses in the north of Ghana to investigate the socio-economic determinants of meningitis transmission,” she said. “This is a collaborative undertaking with the Navrongo Health Research Centre and the National Center for Atmospheric Research.”

In other Climate Commissioner news, Dr. Warren Washington, head of the climate change research at the NCAR, and a member of the Joint Center’s Commission to Engage African American’s on Climate Change, was honored with a symposium in his name at the American Meteorological Society annual meeting in Atlanta last month.

“Many of the pioneers in the science of climate modeling and climate change gave talks on my and their past contributions and the future of this area of science,” Dr. Washington said.

At NCAR, Dr. Washington is continuing with a multi-million dollar Department of Energy grant that is used for improving climate models and performing climate change simulations for the next IPCC assessment. “One of new things that we are exploring is geoengineering the climate system to prevent the worst effects of future climate change,” he wrote. “Of course, … the best choice is to drastically lower fossil fuel emissions; however, the political will do so is still not there.”


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