Climate Commissioners in Copenhagen: Frank Stewart

Frank M. Stewart

Frank M. Stewart is President and Chief Operating Officer of the American Association of Blacks in Energy (AABE), which gives members a pathway to become more involved in the energy industry and energy policy. He is a former Deputy Assistant Secretary at the U.S. Department of Energy.

“There is potential for an entire transformation of energy in America, as we know it,” Mr. Stewart said in Copenhagen on Tuesday.

On the topic of green jobs and their impact on communities of color, he said, “The greatest opportunity for economic progress is at our doorstep now being formed.”

Mr. Stewart is the recipient of some of the DOE’s highest awards and was honored by the Association of Energy Engineers as its Energy Executive of the Year. Currently he is a member of the Board of Directors of the StEPP Foundation and the Board of Advisors of the International Center for Appropriate and Sustainable Technologies. Since 2006, he has been a member of EPA’s National Advisory Council for Environmental Policies and Technologies, and co-chairs the Working Group on Energy and the Environment.


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