Joint Center Represented in Equity Discussion

Joint Center Visiting Scholar Dr. Michael K. Dorsey joined academics and human rights leaders from Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Transnational Institute, and the University of California Berkeley, to convene an event this morning in the main facility (Bella Center) of the COP15. The discussion centered on emerging institutions and processes for applying equity and human rights to guide the long-term vision and decisionmaking on mitigation, adaptation, technology transfer, and related issues.

Session participants, including Commission members Carolyn Green and Dr. Robert Bullard, met in small groups to discuss issues of climate justice; the human rights implications of carbon markets; potential impacts of climate change regulation on vulnerable communities and communities of color; and the role of the private sector in protecting human rights under the emerging climate change regime.

Ms. Green, leader of the Joint Center’s Copenhagen delegation, participated in the small group on corporate responsibility. She emphasized the importance of establishing clear reporting protocols to ensure that companies subject to the requirements are collecting meaningful and comparable information.

Dr. Bullard participated in the small group on the human rights impacts of climate change regulation. He cautioned that, as the world moves forward to mitigate the effects of climate change, decisionmakers must operate according to a “do no harm” standard with respect to vulnerable populations; according to Dr. Bullard, any new regulatory regime must not exacerbate existing human rights inequities.


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