Joint Center scholar Michael Dorsey to debate on Democracy Now!

Please join us at the TckTckTck Fresh Air Center in downtown Copenhagen for “Real Talk” a happy hour from 6-8pm sponsored by the UN Foundation.

We’ll start at 7pm with “10 Provocations on Climate Change”, a slideshow performance by The Canary Project.

After that we’ll host rapid fire exchange on the state of play of emerging carbon markets between Professor Michael Dorsey of Climate Justice Now and Dirk Forrister of the International Emission Trading Association. The debate will be moderated by Amy Goodman of Democracy Now!.

Where: Fresh Air Center, Rådhusstræde 13, Copenhagen
When: 6pm happy hour, 7pm performance, 7:15pm debate

Take the Metro to Norreport
Cross the big street (Norre Voldgade) and turn right
Walk down Norre Voldgade until you get to a 7-11
Take a left at the 7-11 onto Norregade
Walk straight for 5 minutes, pass the large square
The street changes names to Radhusstraede
We’re on the left, in a building called the Huset
About the Canary Project
The Canary Project produces visual media, events, and artwork that build public understanding of human-induced climate change and energize commitment to solutions.

About Dirk Forrister
Dirk Forrister is Managing Director of Natsource LLC, an environmental fund management and advisory firm. He was previously Chairman of the White House Climate Change Task Force under President Clinton and the energy program manager at Environmental Defense Fund.

About Michael Dorsey
Dr. M. K. Dorsey is assistant professor in Dartmouth College’s Environmental Studies Program and the Director of the College’s Climate Justice Research Project which supports research on how emerging carbon markets shape justice-based climate policies. Dorsey is also an affiliated Researcher on the Sustainability and Climate Research Team at Erasmus University’s Research Institute of Management inside the Rotterdam School of Management (RSM-ERIM); and visiting scholar at the US based Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies’ Climate Change Initiative. Dr. Dorsey serves as a co-founding board member of Islands First—a capacity building organization for small island developing states facing disproportionate threats from unfolding climate chaos. From April 2007 until November 2008 Dr. Dorsey served as a member of Senator Barack Obama’s energy and environment Presidential campaign team.


One thought on “Joint Center scholar Michael Dorsey to debate on Democracy Now!

  1. What do we know about Forrister’s and Dorsey’s views on the issue? Are their views dramatically different to generate an interesting debate?

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